We are currently working to purchase a beautiful 318 acre wooded property in North Colorado Springs. Negotiations are underway with the seller with full payment due by December 2017. The property currently has a large lodge on site that we can renovate and use for training while we develop the campus over the next few years. 


The YWAM NSI/Sanctuary Pointe site plan includes three main facilities: the YWAM Training Center, the Executive Retreat Center, and the Missionary R&R Center. The YWAM Training Center will be used to house and train new church planting missionaries for the Muslim, Hindu, & Buddhist world with classrooms, a main auditorium, kitchen, dining room and dorms. The Executive Retreat Center will hold conferences and meetings for the top leaders of the body of Christ globally to train and coordinate them in global mission strategies and projects to plant churches among the Unreached People Groups in the 10/40 Window, and a book of Acts Restoration/Revival in the USA. The Missionary R&R Center will minister to field missionaries from the 10/40 Window with debriefing, counselling services, and PTSD recovery. Other singnificant international ministry partners who are headquartered in Colorado Springs will also be housed on the Sanctuary Pointe property. This will facilitate our partnerships and combine our resources and anointings to reach the 3.2 billion Unreached People in the Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist worlds.