Editorial Note: Our goal is to provide the reader with a keyhole in which to peer out into the world which we live—a world which is rejecting Biblical truth and moving away from Unipolar status and into Multipolar chaos. Therefore this news feed primarily focuses on the foreshocks that ultimately precede the catastrophic earthquake, but also highlights some good news of what God is doing in the midst of it all. Some of the issues we'll track include the decline of the West politically, economically, morally, socially, and militarily as well as global challengers to the Unipolar world order, and the mindset of the regressive political left, and its negative effects on our culture and institutions.

October 12, 2018

DHS: China Making 'Unprecedented Effort' To Influence November Midterm Elections

Obscure Chinese Telecom Company Dominates Africa

China Seeks To Boost India Trade Ties Amid U.S. Trade Wars

Podcast: Canadian Hospital Targets Sick Kids With Assisted Suicide

Turkey Releases American Pastor Brunson

War On Choice: UK Government Sets 'Calorie Cap' For Burgers, Pizzas....Even Sou

October 11, 2018

Philadelphia Represenative Proposes Bill To Drug Test All Pennsylvania Lawmakers

Camille Pagila video about how Feminism is fostering the collapse of Western Civilization

UK High Court Rules That Refusing To Bake A 'Gay Cake' Isn't Discrimination

San Francisco School Board President Drops Pledge of Allegience For Quote By Maya Angelou

China Legalizes 'Transformation Internent Camps' For Muslim Uighurs

Feds Charge Chinese Spy For Trying To Steal Trade Secrets From US Aviation Company

Illinois Can't Pay It's Bills, But Still Pays For Abortions

October 4, 2018

Churches role in the workplace

Chicago Police Brace For Unrest After Police Shooting Verdict

Ex-Miss Iraq Admits She Feared For Her Life After String of 'Westernized women' Killed

Trudeau Calls Conservatives 'Ambulance Chasing Politicians' For Wanting Child Killer Back In Prison

'A Jewel Of The Roman Emipire' Is Now A Hub For Immigrants/Smugglers

North Korea Suggests Backing Away From Denuclearization If U.S. Doesn't Declare End To Korean War

US Catholics Support For Pope Dropping Swiftly Over Response To Sex Abuse Crisis

September 14, 2018

Students Ordered To Spray Paint Over The Name Of Christ On Football Field

When Government Is Everything, Evverything Is Crazy

Venezuela's Maduro Heads To China In Search Of Funding

Cancer Treatment Delays Expose Problems In U.K.'s National Health Service

Our Country Is Embracing Satanism at an Alarming Rate; Here's Proof

Chelsea Clinton: 'As a Deeply Religious Person,' Banning Abortions 'Is UnChristian to Me'