Editorial Note: Our goal is to provide the reader with a keyhole in which to peer out into the world which we live—a world which is rejecting Biblical truth and moving away from Unipolar status and into Multipolar chaos. Therefore this news feed primarily focuses on the foreshocks that ultimately precede the catastrophic earthquake, but also highlights some good news of what God is doing in the midst of it all. Some of the issues we'll track include the decline of the West politically, economically, morally, socially, and militarily as well as global challengers to the Unipolar world order, and the mindset of the regressive political left, and its negative effects on our culture and institutions.

August 18, 2019

Planned Parenthood: Abortion 'No Matter What'

Todd Starnes: Franklin Graham Has A Warning For 'Christian Influencers' Renouncing Their Faith

China Amases Army Vehicles, Conducts Military Drills Near Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Rallies

August 16, 2019

Ad Featuring Mother and Baby Banned For Promoting 'Harmful Gender Stereotypes'

Afghan Asylum Seeker Who Wanted To 'Kill English People' Is Jailed

Beijing Holds ‘Patriotic’ Indoctrination Course for Catholic Priests

California Imposes Secular Ideology on School Children Through 5th Grade

August 8, 2019

Iraqi Archbishop: 'Extinction is coming' For Christians In Middle East

Australia: Failing To Confront Rise of China Resembles Failure To Contain Nazi Germany

Senior U.S. Official Says Israel Must Regulate Chinese Investments

Peace Talks: Taliban Kills 14, Wounds 150 As Both Sides Tout Progress In Afghan Negotiations

Godless Society: No One's Life Matters. That's Why There Are Mass Shootings.

August 6, 2019

Report: Genocide of Nigeria's Christians, A Global Security Nightmare

Afghan Forces Target Russian, Chinese Jihadis Linked To Taliban and AlQaeda

Pro-Life Groups Renew Push For 'Born Alive' Bill

Ethnic Studies Curriculum Will Teach Children 'Capitalism Equal To Racism and Oppression"

China: 'Unforgivable' For Hong Kong Protestors To Desecrate Chinese Flag

Bipartisan senate group to Trump admin: Refugee resettlement promotes religious freedom

August 4, 2019

Poll: 9 in 10 Young Britons Believe Their Lives Have No Purpose

Alex Marlow To Students: The Free Market Can't Beat The Silicon Valley Masters Of The Universe

As Tensions Flare Between The U.S. and Iran, More Oil Tankers Are Going Dark In the Strait of Hormuz

July 25, 2019


Cuban Officials Forbid Church Leaders to Attend Religious Freedom Event

Historian Unearths Evidence that Istanbul Directed Armenian Genocide

Iraqi Cardinal Sako Warns of ‘Christianophobia’ in Europe

North Korea launches two ‘short-range missiles’ in show of defiance to Donald Trumphttps://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9578494/north-korea-launch-missile-trump/