Editorial Note: Our goal is to provide the reader with a keyhole in which to peer out into the world which we live—a world which is rejecting Biblical truth and moving away from Unipolar status and into Multipolar chaos. Therefore this news feed primarily focuses on the foreshocks that ultimately precede the catastrophic earthquake, but also highlights some good news of what God is doing in the midst of it all. Some of the issues we'll track include the decline of the West politically, economically, morally, socially, and militarily as well as global challengers to the Unipolar world order, and the mindset of the regressive political left, and its negative effects on our culture and institutions.

January 31, 2019

Dutch Church Ends 2, 327-hour Service To Keep Migrant Deportation

Judge Tells Muslims To Publicly Denounce Violent Koran

Sweden 'Cannot Forgive' U.K. For 'Historic Mistake' Of Allowing Brexit

Virginia Delegate Who Co-Sponsored Abortion Bill Admits She Didn't Read It

Bulletproof Kevlar Backpacks To Hit Shelves In U.S., Built To Withstand Handgun Attacks

January 28, 2019

World View: George Soros Speech At Davos Marks Significant Global Shift Against China

Germany Plans On Closing All It's Coal Plants. The Effect On Global Warming Won't Even Be Measureable

Trump Turns His Attention To 'Great' Bible Literacy Class Bills

Pakistani Christian Woman's Lawyer Returns To Defend Her Against Blasphemy Charges

January 25, 2019

Islamist World Unites Behind Venezuelan Dictator Maduro

China Clones Genetically-Edited Schizophrenic Monkeys

New York Times Wants To 'Expose Christian Schools'

Elementary Indoctrination: California Proposes A Controversial K-12 Sexual Health Curriculum

January 24, 2019

Record Number of Children Identify As Transgender In U.K.

Egyptian Journalist Gets Prison Time For Interviewing Gay Man

Murder Rate In Mexico At Record High: 33% Increase In One Year

Report: North Korea Has Up To 20 Secret Missile Sites

New York Expands Abortion To Late Term

January 22, 2019

Pro-Life Leaders Call For Full Investigation Into Google Manipulation of Anti-Abortion YouTube Videos

Yale University Offers Students Third Gender Option

January 14, 2019

Pastor Loses Job After Posting Sign "Homosexuality Is Still A Sin"

Poll: 70% of Millennials Support Limits On Abortion

China-US Trade Gap Grew To Biggest Ever In 2018

'Transgender' Children Legally Changing Name As Young As 10

Ally To The Unborn: A U.S. Senator Speaks For Baby Care and Healthcare

New Congressional Rules Adversly Effect Conservative House Members Views

January 12, 2019

NYC's Bill De Blasio Vows To Wrest Wealth From 'Wrong Hands' And Redistribute

Blame 'White Tribe' For Anti-Mass Migration Attitudes

Poll: Fewer Than 1 In 5 Italians Want Ports Reopened To Migrants

'EU Army Already Taking Shape' Brags German Defense Minister

Trial Of Frenchman On Trial Accused Of Murdering Four At Jewish Museum Highlights New Terror Threat For Europe: Prisons

History Repeats Itself: Social Justice Advocacy In The Evangelical Church Recalls The un-Biblical Ideology of the Social Gospel Movement

As More States Move To Ban Christian Counselors, More People Say They Regret Their Gender Transitions

January 7, 2019

Jewish Families Will Leave UK If Faith Schools Forced To Promote LGBT

Chicago Bears Kicker Cody Parkey Still Thanks God After Missing Big Kick

Students Raise $400,000 To Translate Bible Into Unique Sign Languages

The State Of Abortion In Ireland Following Legalization: Protests And Doctor Worries

Five Israeli Minors Arrested In Fatal Stoning Of Palestinian Mother Of Nine

The Race Back To The Moon Has Begun And China Is In Front

January 2, 2019

Authorities Use Tear Gas To Stop Migrants At Southern Border

New Year's Celebrations Marred By Violence

As UK Faces Fresh Migrant Crises, Government Asks If Asylum Seekers Are 'Genuine'

NJ University Course Will Explore Non-Human Perspectives On Queer

Finland Leader Attacks 'Hate Speech' Against Foreign Child Sex Abusers