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YWAM Experience

Gifts, Skills, and Abilities

Each student and staff of YWAM has a responsibility to make our campus continue to run with efficiency and excellence. Part of your school curriculum will be to serve in a campus contribution. Please help us know where to place you by answering the following information.

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Passport Information

Passport must be valid 6 months after school completion date.


Consent for treatment

In case of emergency, by clicking "Yes, I agree", I hereby agree to the performance of such treatment, including anesthesia and surgery, as the attending doctor or physician may deem necessary.

Release of Liability

By clicking "Yes, I agree", I hereby release University of the Nations, and Youth With A Mission, its staff, agents and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage, death, or loss which may be sustained by said person(s) during the course of involvement with University of the Nations and Youth With a Mission.

Statement of Burial and Mediation

We at youth With A Mission, encourage each YWAM student and volunteer to seriously consider some possible consequences of missions work and training. Although death is extremely rare in service with Youth With A Mission internationally, it is nevertheless and experience that awaits each one of us eventually. It is important that we all prepare for such possibilities and have a clear plan of action if such instances arise during our time of study or service with Youth With A Mission.

In extensive travel in less developed countries, diseases are more prevalent. Fatal accidents, sickness and mishaps can occur. Youth With A Mission does everything possible to protect staff and students while on the field, but death is something that can occur. In these countries, burial is often a real problem.

We endeavor to maintain a Christian view of death, in that we believe it is not the final step, but just a passage. The person is not in the coffin, but only his/her earthly shell. Therefore the priority for limited resources on outreach must be for the living.

In the case of death, Youth With A Mission cannot commit to cover the expenses of burial or transport home from the country of Death (developed or non-developed countries alike). We would strongly encourage burial on the field, as decay can start very quickly. Shipping a body home could cost several thousand dollars and often a special expensive coffin is required by law in some countries, as well as having someone accompany the coffin on the return journey. If the family desires to see a body transported back home, the family must incur the entire cost. Any burial costs incurred while on outreach (in the country that the death and burial occurs) are the responsibility of the deceased’s family as well. Note: It is the responsibility of every individual or family (staff or volunteer) to have the Field Burial or Death Related Remains Transport Insurance, not Youth With A Mission.

By clicking "Yes I agree" I hereby agree that in the case of my death while on outreach in conjunction with Youth With A Mission, that they may carry out the burial in the location of my death. If my family desires to see my body shipped home, they will agree to cover all expenses incurred. I hereby absolve Youth With A Mission, its staff and associates, from any responsibility for burial costs.

Photo Release Form

I hereby give permission to Youth With A Mission to use my name and photograph taken, while participating in any school or community activity, in all forms of media for advertising and any other lawful purpose.

Financial Information

Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility

I understand that payments of the required school tuition fees must be made in U.S. currency prior to my arrival in Colorado Springs. Further, I agree to meet in a timely manner, prior to the completion of school, all personal expenses incurred during my involvement with Youth With A Mission and University of the Nations. If I am accepted by YWAM, I will abide by the spirit, rules, and schedule of the campus.

Tuition & Outreach Refund Policy

Lecture Phase Tuition Refund Policy

Should you have to leave the school early for some unforeseen reason, the following tuition refund policy will determine the amount of money that will be refunded to you.

Week 1: you will receive 90% of your tuition

Week 2: you will receive 80% of your tuition

Week 3: you will receive 60% of your tuition

Week 4: you will receive 40% of your tuition

After the 4th week is completed, no refunds for tuition will be given.

Deadlines & Financial Expectations

We expect you to bring all lecture fees at school registration day.

In the event that you do not have all of your lecture fees on registration day, you have until the end of week 4 to turn those in.

The end of week 6 the airfare down payment of $1,500 is due.

The end of week 8 the remaining airfare is due and the $1,895 of grounds fees is due.

Outreach Phase Refund Policy:

Emergencies sometimes occur, and sometime students, for unforeseen reasons, don’t go or finish outreach. If airline tickets or visas have already been purchased and for some reason cannot be refunded in whole by the agency of purchase, you will only be refunded the money that the purchasing agent will refund.

Due to commitments and obligations made for the team’s food & housing in advance : If students need to drop out of outreach 2 weeks prior to departure of outreach, we will refund 75% of the grounds fees. And if a student needs to leave 1 week prior to departure of outreach, we will then return 50% of the ground fees. In the event that a student leaves the team while on outreach, no money will be refunded and that student will be responsible to cover all of the cost of their new airplane ticket.

I have read the above Tuition & Outreach Refund Policy and agree to its provisions. Should it become necessary to leave the school or outreach early for any reason, I agree to the refund amount stated in the above policy of Youth With A Mission.

Personal History

Having these questions helps us get to know you better and have a better understanding of why you are applying. Please answer these questions honestly and prayerfully.